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Apple Sued Over Logo By Apple Farmer

Apple Sued Over Logo By Apple Farmer

Apple Computer, having lately won a match brought by Apple Rrecords, the firm started by the Beatles, was shocked to discover itself quickly dragged back right into court to encounter a difficulty by an incensed New York apple farmer.

” What do these young boys imply,” the farmer took place, “asserting they possess a photo of an apple with a bite from it?” Gesturing to his acres of apple blooms, he proceeded, “My dad began this right here apple orchard over a century back, as well as we’ve had an image of an apple with a bite from it on the side of our roadside ranch mean nigh onto seventy-five years. Regarding I’m worried, these Silicon Valley slickers have actually infringed on my copyright and also on the civil liberties of apple cultivators all over.”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs reacted, “I wish we can place this match behind us, due to the fact that we’ve constantly enjoyed apple farmers. In all sincerity, I confess we really did not design an apple with a bite taken out of it.

The farmer was not calmed, firmly insisting, “When I obtain performed with these cagy fellers, they’ll be sorry they ever before established eyes on an apple.”



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