Dish: la caravelle baked cinnamon apple

La Caravelle Roasted Cinnamon Apple

4 tsps butter plus added to layer the cooking meal
4 apples (blend the selections, if you like).
4 entire cinnamon sticks.
1/2 mug granulated sugar.
1 tsp powdered cinnamon.

Pre-heat the stove to 450 levels F.

Combine the powdered cinnamon as well as the sugar, as well as alloted.

Butter the within the cooking meal, spray all-time low with a few of the cinnamon sugar, and also include 1-2 tbsp of water. Reserve.

Peel as well as core the apples, and after that reduce each apple right into really slim pieces, crossed the equator, or vertical to the core. Reconstruct the apple pieces to develop one entire apple, as well as area it in an oven-proof meal, big sufficient to hold all 4 apples.

Repeat procedure with each apple.

Split the butter right into 4 equivalent rubs, and also area one over each vacant apple core. Pierce each rub of butter with a cinnamon stick, driving the stick completely right into the apple (the butter will certainly penetrate the vacant core also).

Spray the apples with continuing to be cinnamon sugar, as well as location in stove. Bake, exposed, till perfectly caramelized, 40 mins to a hr.

Offer cozy. Et voila!

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