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Dish: Low-Fat Caramel Apple Cobbler

Dish: Low-Fat Caramel Apple Cobbler

Low-Fat Caramel Apple Cobbler


10 ounces icy apple pieces
2 Tablespoons apple juice
1/2 mug fat complimentary sugar covering
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
2/3 mug natural all function flour
1/4 mug brownish sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Amazing Whip Free


Defrost apples. In tool glass dish, incorporate apple juice and also sugar
covering. Microwave, revealed above for 2 mins, mix two times
throughout food preparation. Include apples as well as lemon juice, mixing up until covered;
alloted. In tool dish, integrate flour, sugar and also cinnamon.
Spray over apple mix. Microwave, discovered above for 7
mins or till heated up with. Sprinkle apple blend with
extra cinnamon. Cool for 1 hr. Leading with Cool Whip simply
prior to offering. Makes 8 offering.


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