How to contact Bitcoin Support?

Looking for resolve your issue with Bitcoin App, contact Bitcoin support at

Here you will find Advice and answers from the Team. There ofcourse is no direct dialing contact number where you can reach out to them.

There is a USA Exchange Bitcoin Support Centre only for USA residents. You can access it here.

bitcoin support

In this bitcoin support forum you can explore below topics:


  • How to deposit US Dollar (USD)?
  • How to deposit digital assets?
  • Is there any deposit fees?
  • How to create a new deposit address?
  • How to check my deposit history?


  • What are Transfers?
  • What is the Main Account?
  • What is the Trading Account?


  • US Exchange Referral Program
  • What are Exchange US’ trading fees?
  • Trading Pairs and Market Specifications
  • Where can I find my Order History?
  • Where to find my Trading History?
  • How to cancel my orders?
  • How to star “Favourite” trading pairs?


  • What are Exchange’s withdrawal fees?
  • How to withdraw digital assets?
  • How to withdraw US Dollar (USD)?
  • What is the withdrawal processing time for digital assets?
  • What are Exchange US’ withdrawal limits?
  • How to set up the Withdrawal Whitelist?
  • How to check my withdrawal history?
  • Invalid token error upon withdrawal

For all other support related queries & submitting a token, You can visit

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