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How to contact Bitcoin Support?

Looking for resolve your issue with Bitcoin App, contact Bitcoin support at https://support.bitcoin.com/en/

Here you will find Advice and answers from the Bitcoin.com Team. There ofcourse is no direct dialing contact number where you can reach out to them.

There is a Bitcoin.com USA Exchange Bitcoin Support Centre only for USA residents. You can access it here.

In this bitcoin support forum you can explore below topics:


  • How to deposit US Dollar (USD)?
  • How to deposit digital assets?
  • Is there any deposit fees?
  • How to create a new deposit address?
  • How to check my deposit history?


  • What are Transfers?
  • What is the Main Account?
  • What is the Trading Account?


  • Bitcoin.com US Exchange Referral Program
  • What are Bitcoin.com Exchange US’ trading fees?
  • Trading Pairs and Market Specifications
  • Where can I find my Order History?
  • Where to find my Trading History?
  • How to cancel my orders?
  • How to star “Favourite” trading pairs?


  • What are Bitcoin.com Exchange’s withdrawal fees?
  • How to withdraw digital assets?
  • How to withdraw US Dollar (USD)?
  • What is the withdrawal processing time for digital assets?
  • What are Bitcoin.com Exchange US’ withdrawal limits?
  • How to set up the Withdrawal Whitelist?
  • How to check my withdrawal history?
  • Invalid token error upon withdrawal

For all other support related queries & submitting a token, You can visit support.bitcoin.com

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